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Home of Maddie, Allie, Diann, & Stan

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We built our new home a little over a year ago.  We didn't go far, however, only from one side of the small town of Allen, Texas to the other side.

We lived in our last home for over 22 years.  Here's hoping this one will last as long.

Please, come on in and learn a little about our family .

Here you'll meet the family:  Allie, Maddie, Diann, and Stan.

We've got animals, too, 6 cats and a Guinea Pig.

And last, but not least, Kermit, which doesn't fit in either category.

We live in Allen, Texas, but travelling is one of our favorite activities.

Dad does a lot of it for work, and the rest of us get on a plane every chance we get!

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